National Mourning Day

August 15, 2020

Food in Ramadan

May 27, 2020

The word ‘social responsibility’ might sound cliché these days, but what about being a responsible neighbour? Sharing couple of snaps from CCCL activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan.
These are from in and around Gulshan; CCCL going to neighbours’ doorsteps to gift them with food stuffs, iftar and dinner! Very satisfying food distribution drive among people in service, around mosques and the homeless too during the entire month of Ramadan!
Sincere appreciation to our respected members who donated generously to get the wheels rolling, our EC was on top of things, as always, and CCCL staff did remarkably well despite all the challenges with movements and restrictions!

Helping Neighbours

May 23, 2020

Distributing Eid Gift Packs to people who once lived at our CCCL land! Also seen here are a group of people who live nearby our permanent complex.
A good citizen always promotes harmony. CCCL social responsibility brought happiness to fifty neighbouring families; the smiles they returned are priceless! Along with the steel structures these are the stories that we would pass on with pride to our posterity!

Support to Campus Needy

May 14, 2020

Thanks to respected administrations of all 12 CCs, CCCL have successfully reached out to the needy around those dozen loving campuses!
This was part of CCCL COVID-19 response and EC deserves a special mention (particularly the President) for being innovative to touch the deserving including the retired and master role employees across those hallowed lands!
Hats off to honorable members who have been generous to join this cause, our commitment towards those 12 CCs surely are more than just 20 kgs of rice, 3 kgs of daal and 5 ltrs of soyabean oil, let us all stand beside our past whenever is collectively possible!
We will soon share few more CCCL (locked down) activities with you!