Dress Code

(a) The following shall not be allowed:
(1)  Pajamas /salwar with shirt in all areas at all times.
(2) Crew neck T-shirt, jogging suit, baseball caps, etc. in the lounges, bar, billiards and card room, library, dining, auditorium, hall room etc. at all
(3) Shorts or half pants in all areas except in designated areas to be notified in writing. This Rule is not applicable for children below 12 years of
(4) Swimsuits, etc. in all areas at all time except swimming pool.
(5) Sports shoes and sneakers in the lounges, dining, billiards, bar, card room, and other common areas at all times.
(6) Sandals, chappal or sleepers (without back-strap) in all areas at all time.
(7) Lungee, dhoti, etc. in all areas at all times.
(8) Sleeveless shirts by men/boys in all areas at all time.

(b) Dress codes for various sports facilities and events shall be issued separately and displayed in the respective facilities.

The Club may refuse to provide any service to any member, families and/or guests who are not dressed as per the Dress Code.

Club Dues

As stated in Arts. 28 and 29 all membership fees, annual subscriptions, bills for the goods and services used or purchased and/or any other charges owed to the Club shall be treated as Club dues and shall be paid as per the following procedure:
(a) Club bill(s) showing all Club dues for the period as indicated in the bill(s) shall be presented on or before the 15th day of every month for payment by the last day of the same month. All Members shall be responsible for collection of their respective bill(s) from the accounts office/reception.
(b) In case of any complaint on the Club bill(s), such complains shall be entertained only after payment of the dues and any corrections thereof on the bill(s) shall be adjusted with the bill(s) of the following month.
(c) Any member failing to pay the Club dues within the last day indicated for payment shall be considered defaulter and shall be charged a late fee of 2% per month (including part of the month thereof) on the amount due from the date of presentation.
(d) If any member fails to pay his/her Club dues within 90 days from presentation, the said member shall be barred from using the Club facilities and services and the names of such defaulting members shall be posted in the Club Notice Board.
(e) The management shall not be responsible for reminding the Members for the payment of Club bill(s)/dues.
(f) If a member fails to settle his/her Club dues within 180 days from presentation the membership of such members shall be suspended immediately for further action as per Art. 16. (b).

1. The membership fees for the Club as stated in the Arts. 9, 10, 13 and 15 shall be payable at one time before being admitted as members of the Club.
2. All members other than the Donor and Life Members, Founder Members who have paid Membership Fees for Donor and Life Members and the Corporate Members shall be required to pay the annual subscription in advance as per the following procedure:
(a) The annual subscription shall be paid either in full by the last day of September for the financial year beginning in October, or in four equal instalments by the last day of September, December, March and June for the quarters beginning in October, January, April and July respectively.
(b) The annual subscription either in full or in quarterly instalments shall be paid as per the
guidelines laid in para 39 of these Bylaws.

Code of conduct

Keeping in view the traditions of the ex-cadets, the conducts of the members are expected to be of high standard with dignity and respectability and in that the member(s) while using various facilities and services of the Club shall adhere to the following codes of conduct:
(a) To abide by all Rules and Regulations, policies and/or instruction(s) of the Club;
(b) To maintain the peace, harmony and stability of the Club at all time;
(c) To refrain from any conduct against the objectives of the Club or any activities detrimental to the image, reputation and interest of the Club;
(d) To use the Club between opening and closing hours;
(e) To sign the attendance register for self, families and/or guests (specimen given in Appendix 8) in the Club reception for every visit to the Club.
(f) To adhere to the dress code as per para. 72 of the Bylaws;
(g) To assist the management in smooth functioning of various activities of the Club;
(h) To refrain from carrying any firearms, weapons and explosives with or without license at any time inside the Club premises;
(i) To refrain from criticising the decisions and actions of the Executive Committee or any other Office Bearer in the service of the Club;
(j) To refrain from discussing or debating on controversial subject(s), such as politics, religion, persons, etc.;
(k) To refrain from betting, shouting and/or entering into arguments with any person;
(l) To refrain from abusing any Club employee physically or verbally;
(m) To pay the Club dues in time as per Rule;
(n) To refrain from bringing pets to the Club;
(o) To refrain from giving any money, tips, gifts and/or gratuity to any employee of the Club. Any Eidee paid to the employees shall be deposited centrally and re-distributed equally among all employees of the Club.

Club Timings
The Club timings including timings for various facilities and/or services shall be decided by the Executive Committee and be notified in writing.

Families and Children
All facilities and services of the Club except the Bar and the Card Room shall be open for use by Members families and children below 21 years of age. Members’ wives may be allowed in the Bar when accompanied by their spouses. Male spouses of female Primary Members shall enjoy the same facilities as the Members except the Primary Members.
Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Club after 7-00 p.m. except in specific areas, programmes or events or when accompanied by their parent(s);
Nannies or maids accompanying families or children shall not be allowed in the lounges or in any facilities or services except in the nursery for children below 2 (two) years of age.

Visiting Guests
Only Primary Members may introduce a person of good repute and social standing as guest(s) in the Club as per the following guidelines:
(a) The Executive Committee shall frame policies including restrictions for the use of various facilities and services of the Club by the Members’ guest(s).
(b) Names of visiting guest(s) on each visit shall be entered in the Guest Register available at the reception and be signed by the members introducing such guest(s).
(c) The Member(s) introducing a person as visiting guest(s) shall subscribe a guest fee as fixed by the Executive Committee for each guest for each visit.
(d) All members(s) introducing a visiting guest in the Club, other than the room guests, shall be present with the said guest until the same guest leaves the Club and shall be responsible for the conduct of the guest(s) so introduced by him/her (member) including payment of all bills/dues.
(e) Member(s) of affiliated Club(s) will pay guest fees and other charges as per the terms of affiliation.
(f) No resident(s) of Dhaka City shall be introduced as guest(s) unless allowed by the Executive Committee.
(g) Residents in guest rooms may use the Club facilities and services without guest fees provided they pay all charges for the goods and services used.
(h) A person shall not be introduced as guest for more than 4 (four) days in a month.

Payment of Bills
All members shall settle all bills on account of purchase(s) of any goods and services whenever such bill is presented. All bills should be marked ‘PAID’ after payment and a copy of the bill shall be maintained by the member(s). Separate policies shall be issued for CREDIT payment when such facilities are introduced.