Starting its journey as an ex-cadets’ platform on 14 April 2003, the Cadet College Club Limited (CCCL) has become an admiring brand in the clubbing history of the entire South Asian region. The members of this club have instilled a new kind of smartness in the club culture of Bangladesh. They have displayed the sophistication how gentleness can take a club to a great height in a very short time. Now, the CCCL has become one of the most popular names in Bangladeshi society and a fasted growing club in the region. The first domicile of CCCL was House # 20, Road # 47, Gulshan 2, Dhaka before moving to its current location.

CCCL has a distinct character of an exclusive club as all its members who are ex-cadets having common a background from their early stages of learning and training. They had precisely set their objective for establishing this entity.

CCCL members aim to develop and provide social, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities and make the club their second home for them as well as for their families. They also want to initiate corporate responsibility activities for the disadvantaged section of the society. With this in mind, the club has the vision for setting up educational and healthcare institutions. The members realize how much their country has given them in terms of money, education, training and above all a determination to excel in everything they do. They are conscious about they have to give back to their country. This club is a platform working in that direction.

If you want to know the detailed history of CCCL, please click here and read the article written by Maj Khandker Badrul Hasan (retired).